"I am a family physician who started using elderberry syrup this winter for the first time. I was looking for a simple way to reduce my risk for getting flu like illness. I have talked to many patients who have found this product helpful so thought I would give it a try. There are not a lot of controlled studies using elderberry vs placebo, but any product that has been around as long as this one and used by so many people with good results seemed to be something worth trying. My daughter gave me a bottle of “So Elderberry Good” elderberry syrup and I started taking a tablespoon daily. What are my observations so far. Overall positive. No side effects, good taste and most importantly no respiratory infections to report despite my daily exposure to infectious disease. I plan on continuing using it and will give an update at some point."

Dave Laposky MD

"This is the best preventative and best tasting syrup for our family! We take it every morning and my pickiest of eaters loves the taste. Since using this, we have been able to dodge cold and flu season with barely a minor sniffle. If one of us starts to feel a little run down, we double our dose of goodness, and we're back to normal. I just stocked up my supply today for another sick-free season with our family favorite!"


"Elderberry syrup changed how often and the severity of the sickness in my family. My daughter usually gets sick day 3 into the school year or every time we walk into the Stollery but once I started to use Elderberry ... my daughter did not get her first flu until November once school started and her recovery time was way faster than normal. I will never go back to life without So Elderberry Good!"


"This is our absolutely favorite Elderberry. It has become a staple in our house. After years of begging my kids to take all different types of elderberry syrups and other immune booster, now they beg me for more! It tastes great and makes us all feel amazing and ward off illness year-round. I’m so grateful I found this brand. Thank you."


"My family and I started having So Elderberry Good elderberry syrup a few months ago and it's kept all the flu and colds away. I have 2 young children in school so they bring home every bug and germ. Also my oldest daughter and I have noticed a decrease in our environmental allergies. Everyone needs this elderberry syrup!"