Catalina 20

In 2012, I began brewing my own elderberry syrup at home and sharing the goodness with friends & family.  Through word of mouth and the power of social media, my little business grew through the years.  In 2016, I introduced it to a wider market through retailers.

The local support has been absolutely unbelievable and I am thrilled to know so many more are learning about and enjoying the benefits of this little super fruit!

My mission is to offer a delicious, versatile, freshly brewed elderberry syrup using only real ingredients that are loaded with goodness. Not to mention, in a family sized bottle at an affordable price! To me, a healthy product should not be considered a luxury item, it should be something anyone can afford, and enjoy.

Cheers to good health!   – Catalina

Why Is Our Elderberry Syrup So Good?

Our family loves Feel Good Syrup! So much so, that my three-year-old and four-year-old fight over who gets to drink theirs first. Personally, I love the taste and found that it gives me more energy and keeps the sniffles to a minimum when I start to feel a cold coming on.


I moved away from Edmonton, AB 1.5 years ago and Feel Good Syrup is the one thing I miss the very most!!! I had some frozen “lozenges” before I moved but ran out over the Winter. My young son was sad that his “black juice” was officially gone and I was devastated to be without my Syrup! I’m so excited to see the growth you’ve had and that you can ship to me in Regina, SK


This syrup has been amazing! We have lessened the severity of two illnesses this season for my daughter and it’s kept the rest of the family completely healthy when I was sure we’d catch it too! It tastes absolutely delicious.


I am a family physician who started using elderberry syrup this winter for the first time. I was looking for a simple way to reduce my risk for getting flu like illness. I have talked to many patients who have found this product helpful so thought I would give it a try. There are not a lot of controlled studies using elderberry vs placebo, but any product that has been around as long as this one and used by so many people with good results seemed to be something worth trying. My daughter gave me a bottle of “Feel Good” elderberry syrup and I started talking a tablespoon daily. What are my observations so far. Overall positive. No side effects, good taste and most importantly no respiratory infections to report despite my daily exposure to infectious disease.. I plan on continuing to have it and will give an update at some point.

Dave Laposky , MD