Intriguing Syrup – by Wanda Baker

Intriguing Syrup - by Wanda Baker

Been trying out this Elderberry syrup from @soelderberrygood. It arrived at the perfect time as both my kids were coming down with head colds so I started giving it to them immediately. The head colds started off nasty but after a couple days they started to go away eventually disappearing.

Elderberries are believed to be antioxidants, to lower cholesterol, improve vision and boost the immune system. They are also known for boosting the immune system, helping sinus pain, back and leg pain, nerve pain and chronic fatigue syndrome

I’ve learned you can add the syrup to club soda, smoothies, ice cream, yogurt and more. I’m so intrigued by this syrup I’m looking forward to trying this syrup in some recipes!

Courtesy of @wandabaker on Instagram